The Accrescent Podcast Episode 16

The Truth About Acidity, Harmful Effects of the Keto Diet & Why Soluble Fiber is the Solution to Many Health Issues w/Biochemist Karen Hurd

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Karen Hurd is back and we are diving into the topic of acidity. Karen breaks down the difference between acidity and acidosis, the difference between blood acidity and bodily fluid acidity and dismantles many of the common beliefs surrounding this topic. We also touch on the topic of the Keto diet, how it relates to acidity and how it can be very harmful to the liver, kidneys, adrenals, and overall health if maintained as a long-term diet. Karen walks us through the massive storm of internal imbalances that can occur when maintaining a keto diet for longer periods. She points out that Type 1 diabetics are at a particular risk of inducing acidosis when eating a ketogenic diet and explains why.

According to Karen, “We have made a scapegoat out of acidity” in an attempt to place blame for a lot of prevalent diseases today. She points out that too much acidity in the gut can actually lead to a wide range of negative health outcomes including, nausea, acid reflux, heartburn, ulcers, chronic, and more. However, Karen explains how the gut can become too acidic and provides a very simple strategy to balance this acidity in the gut to prevent and even reverse many illnesses.

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