The Accrescent Podcast Episode 6

The Doshas in Quarantine: An Ayurvedic Approach to Isolation w/Irina Adriaensen

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Originally from Belgium, Irina Adriaensen left the corporate work life after a series of burnouts and during a 6-month sabbatical discovered the power of yoga and Ayurveda. A certified ayurvedic practitioner, she now lives and practices in Portugal. Today, Irina and I discuss the different ways each dosha type may be struggling during this period of coronavirus quarantine/isolation.

Irina breaks down the specific symptoms of imbalance each dosha might experience and highlights the activities as well as foods each dosha can do/eat to restore balance. Towards the end, we also touch on best practices in terms of eating habits for all dosha types. When the best times to eat are, if snacking is okay, which doshas should be snacking and which shouldn’t, when to stop eating for the day, etc.

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