Accrescent Podcast Ep 28 - Michael Zenn & Herbal Face Food

The Accrescent Podcast Episode 28

Michael Zenn – Founding Herbal Face Food, The World’s Most Potent Anti-Aging Serum on the Market

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Michael Zenn, founder of Herbal Face Food, shares about his 100% plants serum that holds the place as the most powerful anti-aging serum on the market (based on its ORAC rating). Michael shares his own skincare journey dealing with what doctors described as “permanent” hyperpigmentation. Refusing to accept this diagnosis, he began researching the most anti-aging plants on the planet.

Their products are 100% plants with absolutely nothing man-made. They have more than 50 of the world’s most potent anti-aging botanicals, 20+ of the world’s rarest botanicals, are organic or wild-harvested, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

Special Listener Offer

Michael Zenn (Founder) is offering the Accrescent Audience a FREE copy of his book The Self Health Revolution and 20% off your first purchase! To claim your FREE book, simply message Herbal Face Food on Instagram or email and refer to this podcast episode (Instagram linked below).

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Herbal Face Food Testimonial

“I have been treating my forehead twice daily with the serum. I had clusters of pigmentation on my forehead and in 4 days of using the serum every day my entire forehead has peeled and with each scab peeling away I am watching the sunspots literally peel off my skin. Leaving me with clear unblemished skin behind.

I cannot find the words to share how amazing this serum is and how powerful the plants are. I basically got a face peel in less than a week. I love love love what this serum is doing for my skin that has lots of pigmentation, and had a few moles that the serum got rid of also. I will continue to be good to my skin and use this wonderful 100% plant serum that is steadily healing and correcting my damaged skin.” – Barbara Awhee

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