The Accrescent Podcast Episode 40

Exploring Healing Through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Ben Schwarcz

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In this episode on The Accrescent podcast, EFT (AKA tapping) expert Ben Schwarcz explains the foundations of Emotional Freedom Technique. He highlights what EFT can be used for and why it is so impactful at creating change.

Ben Schwarcz, LMFT, ACAP-EFT,  is a psychotherapist, coach, and EFT Tapping expert with a private practice in Santa Rosa, CA. Ben has worked in the mental health field for 30 years and specializes in Trauma, Relationships, Coaching for entrepreneurs, and Spiritual Emergence. He has conducted thousands of EFT sessions since 2007 and is a trainer and supervisor for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology’s EFT certification program for licensed health professionals.
Ben is also the co-developer of ATRT, a process for healing Ancestral Trauma. For more background and information visit:
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