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The Accrescent Podcast Episode 9

Calming Coronavirus Chaos – Realistic & Effective Strategies to Manage Stress w/Holistic Psychiatrist Dr. Ellen Vora

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MD & Holistic Psychiatrist Dr. Ellen Vora provides realistic and effective strategies for managing stress & anxiety during this coronavirus period and all that it entails. Her message is one that washes us in peace and empowerment. Dr. Vora breaks down anxiety into two categories: false anxiety and true anxiety. She explains that false anxiety is often a result of a biological imbalance and shares simple diet and lifestyle factors that we can address in order to prevent our bodies from triggering a fight-or-flight response.

Likewise, Dr. Vora encourages us to address true anxiety, the stress we feel from very real situations we are facing, with openness and compassion. She encourages us to allow our feelings to be felt and then released through whatever means connects with us most (meditation, journaling, verbal release, movement, etc).

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