The Accrescent Podcast Episode 3

Whole-Food, plant-based lifestyle w/dr. justyna sanders


Dr. Justyna Sanders provides and incredibly insightful discussion on modern-day medicine. She explains her approach to health which she defines as “Lifestyle as Medicine”. A key component of her philosophy on health is maintaining a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle or “unprocessed veganism.” We look at the many benefits of this lifestyle and address some of the most common misconceptions when it comes to an unprocessed vegan diet.

Other Topics Discussed:
  • Dr. Justyna’s background and introduction into medicine
  • What led her to question the mainstream approaches of Western medicine and seek a more holistic and integrative approach to health
  • How animal products contribute to chronic diseases
  • The diseases and illnesses that a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle can actually cure
  • Supplements
  • How to ask your doctor for the right blood work to get an in-depth look at your health
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