Some of my favorite topics to write about are my own personal growth experiences. Continual self-improvement is a foundational pillar with which I base my life on. As the end of my life draws near I want to look back and know that I achieved the best version of myself possible and that I helped others do the same! These articles differ from my other post categories in that they do not stem from scientific research, but rather my own personal experiences and insights!

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My 80 Year Old Guru
So often in my journaling time I revisit the past, sometimes going back to specific situations or conversations years ago. I'll redo that one argument in my head with all the new information I have. I'll not waste my time on that guy because NO, he didn't treat me the way I deserve. I'll not let certain people push me around with their words because I was too timid or lacked the confidence to stand firm in my worth.
Self Love in the Name of Love
Self-Love in the Name of Love
In a season that has evolved to celebrate romantic love more than anything else, we want to bring the focus back to self-love. As a society, we have reached epidemic levels of personal neglect. We chronically prioritize anything and everything before ourselves and all in the name of love.
The True Mirror
The “True” Mirror
We like to use the phrase “Take a good long look in the mirror” when we are talking about looking within ourselves and accepting who we are…but what if the mirror is lying? What if our eyes have chosen not to see some of the parts that aren’t so pretty?
We Are an Unsung Song
We are an Unsung Song
"We are an unsung song, piano keys that don’t know the touch of fingertips. The kite with string still spooled tight, and antique bird wings that never know the taste of air. We are all that is, waiting to be all it could be".