Finding R.E.S.T.™ with counselor Virginia Dixon

The Accrescent Podcast Episode 20

Healing Confusion, Chaos and Dis-Ease and Finding R.E.S.T.™ w/Counselor Virginia Dixon

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Director of Inner Healing at Center for New Medicine/Cancer Center for Healing, counselor Virginia Dixon provides a powerful discussion on healing inner chaos and past trauma. We discuss how inner confusion, chaos, and dis-ease lead to disease. Virginia shares her Reconstitution Method, R.E.S.T.™, to healing and how we can begin to displace confusion, chaos, and dis-ease with clarity, order, and ease.

“I think that to bring about any significant change, and in my world change means displacing the confusion, chaos, and dis-ease with clarity, order, and ease in order that people can live free…well you can’t have freedom without examining foundations and you can’t examine foundations without exploring the truth of everything. Recklessly exploring the truth.”

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