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An avid podcast listener, I try to listen to at least a few per week on any variety of topics: holistic health, philosophy, psychology, relationships, language learning, etc. The ever present nerd inside me always takes notes, especially when it is a particularly juicy podcast packed with applicable information. I decided to start sharing my notes to help condense an hour long podcast into something more digestable. I am also just so passionate about sharing the information I learn that I couldn’t keep them to myself! Each podcast review highlights the key points I took away from the episode as well as a direct link to listen to the full episode.

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Beyond the Pill: Chapter 1 Summary
Beyond the Pill Chapter 1 "Real Talk About the Pill". Chapter 1 dives into the history of the pill, the main reasons women go on the pill, the known side effects of the pill, Dr. Brighten's "pill story", overview of post-birth control syndrome (PBCS) and an overview of the other topics she will cover in Beyond the Pill.
Interview w/Dr. Ellen Vora on Holistic and Root-Cause Approach to Mental Health
Let me start by saying that for anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression this episode is a MUST!! Dr. Vora is a certified psychiatrist. During her residency she realized that the conventional approach to medicine left most problems unsolved and creates new problems through over prescribing of drugs. This podcast was so fascinating hearing her holistic approach to mental health. I couldn't stop taking notes and was so excited to share them with you!