Holistic health and healing have long been a passion of mine! I am so excited to have an outlet to share all the information I am continually gathering in regards to natural healing, root cause diagnosis and overall holistic health. *Although I am careful to research each topic I write about as much as possible using only peer-reviewed articles, these posts are in no way meant to substitute the need for professional medical consultation.

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7 Tips to Keep Skin Glowing & Blemish-Free This Holiday Season
Ahhhh the holidays….filled with joyous family reunions, gift-giving, delicious feasts oh….and bloating, breakouts and total body meltdowns. Our change in habits during this time of year (more sugar and alcohol consumption, less self-care, etc) can lead to a variety of negative results including bloating, excess water retention, increased pain and swelling in the body, increased arthritis, poor skin tone, blemishes, and full-on breakouts. Here are 7 tips to keep your skin glowing and blemish-free this holiday season!
6 Holistic Products Everyone Needs by Leigh Ann Lindsey
6 Holistic Products Everyone Needs
I've shared holistic products I love in the past and continue to regularly on Instagram, but these are without a doubt on my master list of products I will ALWAYS have. These range from simple to high tech, yet are all within an affordable range! I use most of these daily and am regularly sharing with family and friends. They are all backed by years of science and I link related articles along with where you can buy the products!
Blue Light: Definition, Benefits and Harmful Effects by Leigh Ann Lindsey - Holistic Lifestyle
Blue Light: Why it is Both Necessary and Harmful
The topic of blue light has become increasingly prevalent. Unfortunately, the widespread information on blue light is both misleading and lacking a comprehensive look at the data. Blue light has both positive and negative benefits and is actually a critical component for optimal health. When utilized correctly, blue light can lead to improved alertness, energy, cognition, and mood. Overexposure, however, can lead to eye damage, skin damage poor sleep and a disruption of the circadian rhythm.
benzoyl peroxide and why you should avoid it Holistic Lifestyle by Leigh Ann Lindsey
Benzoyl Peroxide & Why You Should Avoid It
Although still commonly recommended by Dermatologists, benzoyl peroxide accelerates the skin aging process by causing dryness, chronic dehydration, increases free radical damage, weakens protective layers of the skin and disrupts skin microbiome. Check out the full article for more in-depth information on each of these and alternative treatments and products!
Science-Backed benefits of Saging - Holistic Lifestyle by Leigh Ann Lindsey
Saging/Smudging: Definition, Benefits & How To
Saging or smudging has a long history of use both spiritually and medicinally. Native Americans used dried sage to cleanse the air, heal sore throats, coughs, chest colds, upper respiratory infections, and poison oak rashes. Research has also shown beneficial effects on cognition, focus, memory and mood.
Gluten-Free Skincare by Leigh Ann Lindsey
Gluten-Free Skincare
With celiac disease and gluten-intolerance on the rise, gluten-free diets are becoming increasingly prevalent. While many individuals understand the importance of removing foods that contain gluten ingredients or byproducts, few take the additional step of eliminating skincare, makeup and other products that contain gluten. Here are a few reasons why choosing gluten-free skincare is important.
why is sweating important? Holistic Lifestyle by Leigh Ann Lindsey
Why Is Sweating Important?
Many may wonder, why is sweating important? Sweating is one of three ways the body naturally detoxes itself from toxins. In today's modern world our bodies are bombarded with harmful chemicals on a daily if not momentary basis. Ensuring our body's natural detoxification is functioning optimally is key to maintaining health.
Is Your Shampoo Breaking You Out?
Is Your Shampoo Breaking You Out?
Shampoo and other hair products commonly contain pore clogging, irritating and even harmful chemicals that can frequently lead to acne breakouts. Find out which ingredients to avoid in your shampoo and hair care products and which products we at Facial Lounge wholeheartedly recommend!