Holistic health and healing have long been a passion of mine! I am so excited to have an outlet to share all the information I am continually gathering in regards to natural healing, root cause diagnosis and overall holistic health. *Although I am careful to research each topic I write about as much as possible using only peer-reviewed articles, these posts are in no way meant to substitute the need for professional medical consultation.

Gluten-Free Skincare by Leigh Ann Lindsey
Gluten-Free Skincare
With celiac disease and gluten-intolerance on the rise, gluten-free diets are becoming increasingly prevalent. While many individuals understand the importance of removing foods that contain gluten ingredients or byproducts, few take the additional step of eliminating skincare, makeup and other products that contain gluten. Here are a few reasons why choosing gluten-free skincare is important.
why is sweating important? Holistic Lifestyle by Leigh Ann Lindsey
Why Is Sweating Important?
Many may wonder, why is sweating important? Sweating is one of three ways the body naturally detoxes itself from toxins. In today's modern world our bodies are bombarded with harmful chemicals on a daily if not momentary basis. Ensuring our body's natural detoxification is functioning optimally is key to maintaining health.
Is Your Shampoo Breaking You Out?
Is Your Shampoo Breaking You Out?
Shampoo and other hair products commonly contain pore clogging, irritating and even harmful chemicals that can frequently lead to acne breakouts. Find out which ingredients to avoid in your shampoo and hair care products and which products we at Facial Lounge wholeheartedly recommend!
Holistic Lifestyle, Health & Wellness Blog by Leigh Ann Lindsey
13 Incredible Benefits of Propolis
Propolis is one of four substances bees make. Didn’t know bees produced anything other than honey? That’s alright, most people don’t! Bees produce honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis. For thousands of years, humans have been using propolis for a variety of different healing purpose: to heal wounds, fight tumors, the Egyptians even used it in their mummification process!
Holistic Lifestyle, Health & Wellness Blog by Leigh Ann Lindsey
Beyond the Pill: Chapter 1 Summary
Beyond the Pill Chapter 1 "Real Talk About the Pill". Chapter 1 dives into the history of the pill, the main reasons women go on the pill, the known side effects of the pill, Dr. Brighten's "pill story", overview of post-birth control syndrome (PBCS) and an overview of the other topics she will cover in Beyond the Pill.
Why I Quit Hormonal Birth Control
Why I Quit Hormonal Birth Control
Learn why I gave up hormonal birth control after my own tumultuous experience. Discover several resources I found particularly informative on the many side effects of hormonal birth control and find out what natural method I am using now!
Interview w/Dr. Ellen Vora on Holistic and Root-Cause Approach to Mental Health
Let me start by saying that for anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression this episode is a MUST!! Dr. Vora is a certified psychiatrist. During her residency she realized that the conventional approach to medicine left most problems unsolved and creates new problems through over prescribing of drugs. This podcast was so fascinating hearing her holistic approach to mental health. I couldn't stop taking notes and was so excited to share them with you!
7 benefits of cryotherapy
7 Benefits of Cryotherapy
Although many think of cryotherapy as a full body treatment, the term simply refers to any use of extreme cold on the body. Cryotherapy is similar to sauna therapy or even exercise in that it acts as a stressor on the body (although cryo and sauna are much more powerful stressors than standard exercise). Putting the body under a regulated amount of stress produces a cascade of powerful benefits. Here are the top 7 benefits of cryotherapy!