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Holistic health and healing have long been a passion of mine! I am so excited to have an outlet to share all the information I am continually gathering in regards to natural healing, root cause diagnosis and overall holistic health. *Although I am careful to research each topic I write about as much as possible using only peer-reviewed articles, these posts are in no way meant to substitute the need for professional medical consultation.

Holistic Lifestyle with Leigh Ann Lindsey
Blue Light Therapy for Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis
Color therapy (blue light therapy, red light therapy, etc) dates back to Ancient Egyptians times where light and colors were used in different healing applications. Modern-day medicine still recognizes color therapy as a powerful treatment for many ailments. Learn the science-backed benefits of blue light therapy for the management and even eradication of skin issues like acne, eczema and psoriasis.
Holistic Lifestyle with Leigh Ann Lindsey
How to Choose Supplements
As an avid reader of health books, I found myself getting overwhelmed with the endless supplement recommendations coming from all angles. In an effort to see through the fog, I created this series of questions to help guide me. This guide on how to choose supplements helps you cut through the chaos, get clear on your health issues, and find the best supplements for you. I hope these help you understand how to choose supplements a little better as well!
Holistic Lifestyle with Leigh Ann Lindsey
Fiber & Skin Health
We all have heard the word “fiber” thrown around and may know that it is generally good for us, but may not know the specifics of why. Statistics show that 95% of people don’t get enough fiber (men 38g/day, women 25g/day). Not only is it critical for everyday health, fiber and skin health are more closely connected than you would think. Below is a full look at the types of fiber, their benefits, how they play a role in skin health and where to find fiber in foods and/or supplements.
8 Natural Remedies for Dry Skin
8 Tips for Dry Skin
Much like with acne, many individuals with dry skin are using products and methods that are actually escalating their skin issues. Here are our top tips for fighting dry skin naturally and effectively.
2019 Holistic Gift Guide - Holistic Lifestyle Leigh Ann Lindsey
2019 Holistic Gifts Guide
Find the perfect holistic gift for everyone this holiday season! Maybe you are looking for the perfect holistic gift to give a friend or family member. Maybe you are eager to introduce someone to the world of holistic health and are looking for a great introduction product. Or maybe you just need a few more stocking stuffers. Here is a list of the cleanest and most effective holistic products for everyone on your gift list!
Retinol: Definition, Benefits, How To Use
Retinol: Everything You Need to Know
Retinol has long been revered for it's anti-aging and acne-fighting abilities. Learn all about the benefits of retinol, the different types of retinoids, how to use retinoid products along with our own retinol product along with other complementary recommendations. P.S. Read to the end for an exclusive discount code for 25% off Facial Lounge's vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-toxic Retinol Resurfacing Night Treatment.