Cooking and baking have long been two of my greatest joys. I maintain a plant-based, whole-food diet about 90% of the time so the majority of these holistic recipes will be vegan and packed with yummy nutrients. I say 90% of the time so that when I do post the occasional recipe with meat or dairy or more heavily processed ingredients you hopefully won’t be shocked or feel I am being unauthentic!

Vegan Waffles
Vegan Spelt Cocoa Waffles
Sometimes you just need a nice fluffy waffle on a cozy morning to go with your coffee. I love these because they are just chocolate-y enough to make your taste buds dance, but not so sweet that they leave you feeling sick to your stomach afterwards. As a plus, they are full of healthy ingredients like banana, chia seeds, coconut oil and oat milk!
Vegan Pumpkin Coffee Cake
Vegan Pumpkin Coffee Cake
I am not a big pumpkin fan, but this pumpkin coffee cake has just the lightest hint of pumpkin with an amazing crunchy, pecan streusel topping. Flour can be replaced with alternative options to make the recipe gluten-free!
Avocado Hummus
Avocado Hummus
I can get pretty picky when it comes to hummus. It can’t be too grainy or too chalky and don’t even try and offer me just plain ol’ chickpea hummus… Hands down this is my favorite hummus recipe. Such an easy and quick recipe to make for a quick snack or to bring to parties!
Vegan Chickpea Frittata
Chickpea Frittata
Before I switched over to a whole-foods, plant-based diet I was a die-hard egg lover. I had eggs every single day without fail and when I was considering changing my diet I thought giving up eggs would be the hardest part. In the end, I felt so much better physically after giving up meats and dairy that it was worth it either way, but recipes like this certainly helped make the transition easier!
Vegan and Gluten-Free Buckwheat pancakes
Buckwheat Pancakes
Let me just start by saying I do NOT like pancakes...but these guys redefined what a pancake could taste like. They're vegan, gluten-free and still perfectly fluffy and moist! I make these at least once a week because they are just so easy and quick to make and top with whatever fresh fruit we have in the fridge that day.