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Hi! I am Leigh Ann, passionate learner and writer. My goal in creating this holistic lifestyle blog is to share life changing information in a comprehensive yet digestible way.

With a background in Public Health and experience as a Research Assistant, I am committed to providing in-depth and trustworthy articles on relevant health topics. All of my health related articles are science-based with a full reference list at the end of each.

I have to express my gratitude that you are here now, experiencing my work. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have so passionateIy researched and written. I hope you discover truly transformational information!


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My 80 Year Old Guru
So often in my journaling time I revisit the past, sometimes going back to specific situations or conversations years ago. I'll redo that one argument in my head with all the new information I have. I'll not waste my time on that guy because NO, he didn't treat me the way I deserve. I'll not let certain people push me around with their words because I was too timid or lacked the confidence to stand firm in my worth.
Self Love in the Name of Love
Self-Love in the Name of Love
In a season that has evolved to celebrate romantic love more than anything else, we want to bring the focus back to self-love. As a society, we have reached epidemic levels of personal neglect. We chronically prioritize anything and everything before ourselves and all in the name of love.

Holistic Recipes

Vegan Waffles
Vegan Spelt Cocoa Waffles
Sometimes you just need a nice fluffy waffle on a cozy morning to go with your coffee. I love these because they are just chocolate-y enough to make your taste buds dance, but not so sweet that they leave you feeling sick to your stomach afterwards. As a plus, they are full of healthy ingredients like banana, chia seeds, coconut oil and oat milk!
Vegan Pumpkin Coffee Cake
Vegan Pumpkin Coffee Cake
I am not a big pumpkin fan, but this pumpkin coffee cake has just the lightest hint of pumpkin with an amazing crunchy, pecan streusel topping. Flour can be replaced with alternative options to make the recipe gluten-free!
Avocado Hummus
Avocado Hummus
I can get pretty picky when it comes to hummus. It can’t be too grainy or too chalky and don’t even try and offer me just plain ol’ chickpea hummus… Hands down this is my favorite hummus recipe. Such an easy and quick recipe to make for a quick snack or to bring to parties!