Restaurant Les Armures

Restaurant Les Armures

Restaurant Les Armures can be found in the heart of the Medieval Center of Geneva, Switzerland provides both a magical atmosphere & delicious food.

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During our time in Europe for the 2019 Women’s World Cup in Lyon, France, we decided to take a day trip over to Geneva, Switzerland. Only an hour and a half drive it was a no brainer (especially considering we were beginning to lose our patience with the ever so kind French locals).

We were lucky enough to meet a local from Geneva in our hotel in France and she gave us quite a few recommendations for places to visit. Restaurant Les Armures was one such recommendation and we absolutely loved it!

Located in the Medieval area of Geneva, the setting could not be more authentic. We ate on the patio surrounded by the towering walls of ancient stone and narrow passageways. Seated promptly, we drooled over the menu for several minutes before deciding on a crispy veal cutlet and fondue. Fun fact, Geneva is actually the birthplace of fondue (and I had never tried it before) so naturally we needed to order a pot.

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Restaurant Les Armures

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