Holistic Resources

Below are some of my favorite holistic resources. Root-cause and information packed books I have read. Holistic podcasts I listen to daily and natural, non-toxic resources I use on a regular basis! For even more information, you can read my book summaries and podcast summaries. These are summarized chapters or episodes of books and podcasts that have been particularly influential in my life. For more holistic resources check our my Holistic Health page or Holistic Recipes page.

Holistic Products

None of the products listed here are sponsored. These are products I truly love and use daily. I am always interested in learning about new products and would love any recommendations you may have! Feel free to send any recs or questions my way through my contact page.

Propolis Throat Spray & Supplement
Nootropic Brain Supplement w/Royal Jelly
100% Raw & Sustainably Sourced Bee Pollen
Honey & Cacao Blend
Superfood Blend of Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee Pollen & Honey
Raw, Vegan & Organic Protein Powder
Accupressure Mat
Organic Liver Support Tea Blend of Milk Thistle, Ginger, Fennel, Peppermint & Licorice
Organic Dandelion Root Loose Leaf Tea
Organic Loose Leaf Valerian Root Tea
Bio Bidet w/Seat Heater
Organic 100% Pure Essential Oils Starter Pack
Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser - BPA Free
Waterless Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

Holistic Books

Below are books I would recommend to EVERYONE. I am such a reader, but for those who are not, remember many books now come in Audible versions that are easy to listen to in the car while driving, at the gym, etc. We are all responsible for our own continued education!

Holistic Podcasts

These podcasts are my absolute favorites and I listen to at least one a day. They cover a variety of topics, but all of them are grounded in a holistic, root-cause approach to health, wellness and life in general.