02 Apr: No Cell Phones in Saunas!

Infrared saunas are becoming increasingly popular in the States and with good reason! Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they are minimizing and potentially even negating the entire detoxification process by bringing their electronics (cell phones, smart watches, etc.) into the sauna. For my own health, your health and the health of everyone surrounding you in that toasting little box, here is why bringing those electronics with you is a BIG no, no!
What is Color Therapy?

30 Mar: What is Color Therapy?

Color therapy dates back to Ancient Egyptians times where light and colors were used in different healing applications. Modern day medicine still recognizes color therapy as a powerful treatment for many ailments. Thankfully, research has broadened our knowledge and modern technologies have expanded the impact color therapy can have. But what is color therapy (chromotherapy)? Perhaps the best place to start is first defining what is color.
benefits of infrared saunas

05 Feb: 8 Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas boast a long list of benefits begging the question, “Why doesn’t everyone have one of these??” For those who still need convincing here is an in-depth article surrounding the benefits of infrared saunas, recommended use and additional articles for more information.